Magazine Prise List

What's on Urban also promote local news, Businesses, events, clubs and societies and want to hear about anything that affects local people. Contact us now to effectively reach over 35,000 local people.

Here are the Price Listing

£30 quarter Page -  90 x 60mm
£25x2 Eigth Page - 45  x 60mm
£67  Half page Panel - 180 x 60mm
£80 Half Page Panel - 90mm x 125mm
£130 Fall page Advert Approx Side 180 x 125mm
Outside Front /back full Cover £250
Inside Front/back full Cover £200


e-flyers are one of the most effective marketing tools around. They are a simple and effective visual way of communicating with your audiences, saving you time and money on print and distribution costs as prices start at only £50 + VAT. We will then send your e-flyers to our members who have expressed an interest in DJ's, clubbing and live music events in the area, ensuring that you only pay to reach the relevant audience. We can design e-flyers, simple JPEGs and embed them in an email with a link to your site or promotional page. e-flyers can combine text, logos, images and multiple links to your website. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Flyer Distribution

We can organise our own promotions team to distribute leaflets on your behalf. Rates are competitive; Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Site Name
Site Name Recommended flyer Distribution Cost Staff Flyering  
Midlands Area 1000 £70 1
Residences / Student halls 2000 £130 2

Newsletter Advertising

Email newsletters are a great way of keeping your audiences up to date with your news, events and activities, and allow you to deliver bespoke content to different audience segments, as required. Using this option will allow you to deliver your event to all members who have registered for our newsletter.
No. News Letters Sent Advert on Newsletter? Banner

Site reskins

We can maximise your online exposure with a hard hitting, instant marketing campaign. Each time a customer visits our website your brand will be presented to them. Contact us to discuss this option.

RSS Advertorials

This is a delivery system that lets people read your content without visiting the page and is one of the most effective internet marketing tools around.
Traffic last month 24 Hours 48 Hours Refresh Value
  £80 £70 £35
This service allows you to promote the event directly onto homepage. It's a direct promotional channel to the online population, giving major search engine optimisation.