Keith Shebada Ramsey In Bashment Granny 3 Bashy Dead
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Bashment Granny 3

Keith “Shebada” Ramsey is back in BASHMENT GRANNY 3, the latest and funniest episode in the most popular roots play outta Jamaica, a comedy that will grip you from start to curtain call. Started in 2007, the first Bashment Granny pulled in consistently strong audiences and launched the career of Shebada.

The story started 7 years ago with a desperate “Bad Boy Trevor” using his 'father' in an attempt to fleece millions of dollars from the wealthy Miss P, a generous girlfriend from the UK. Trevor was eventually incarcerated and missed the chance to cash in on the fruits of his deceit.

In 2010, Shebada and Mr Bashy had a stroke of luck and inherited the ill-gotten gains of Trevor's inefarious scheme. Flush with new cash, they invested the money, but the plan quickly went sour and the money went up in smoke. Now in BASHMENT GRANNY 3, “Bad Boy Trevor” is released from prison only to find that Shebada is still in hiding and Half-a-Dog is sniffing around for his cash. Fans will be on the edge of their seats as a meeting between the “Dog” and the “Bad Boy” is imminent. The situation is dire and Mother Teresa, aka Bashment Granny, must make the major moves because battle lines are drawn and war is about to start. The action-packed comedy sequel is written by veteran Paul O. Beale directed and produced by B. L. Allen. The cast features Keith “Shebada” Ramsay, Garfield “Bad Boy Trevor” Reid, Junior “Half-a-Dog” Williams, Terri Salmon, Luke Ellington and Monique Ellis.


The New Alexandra Theatre
tation Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B5 4DS
Birmingham, 54, UK


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