Services is a full service, premier promotions company specialising in attracting audiences, turning around slow nights, promoting beverages and creating regular activity that increases overall sales. For any venue wanting to attract the lucrative urban audience, can provide a tailor made solution that will maximize attendance and ticket sales. With a wealth of experience and success in promoting Nottingham’s premier nightlife, has become established as promotions experts, renowned for delivering capacity crowds to various venues and events.
If you are serious about success, then quality entertainment is essential. We can supply professional DJ’s, compère’s and PA’s, specializing in all music genres ranging from Rock to R & B and Drum & Base to Cheese. We host the very best foam, CO2 and UV Bubble parties and for an even more memorable night, we can supply the highest quality peripheral entertainment to interact with the audience. So, whether it’s fire performers, stilt walkers, podium dancers or something completely new and imaginative we can put a package together that will make your event completely unforgettable.

Our user friendly website has been designed for easy navigation which allows you to effortlessly specify event features including: Event Type, Venue Type, Event Dates, Target Audience, Event Agenda etc, with all updates appearing within 48 hours. We have the skill, experience and capability to develop, co ordinate and manage the event for you – there is no event too small or too large for to handle. If you want the job done successfully, economically and on time then speak to the specialists!

Excitement, quality entertainment and excellent customer service is what party goers want – and doesn’t disappoint. We also believe that the staff should enjoy the event just as much as the customers and encourage full participation. We can provide detailed, mystery clubber reports which cover every aspect of your event from queue management to standards of cleanliness in the toilets to bar and food service. The reports are customised to meet your specific requirements, are designed to help you consistently achieve your business goals and are objective, measurable and informative.

Attendees are your biggest asset! We want to know what the audience think and feel. By conducting and organising professional focus groups we can evaluate customer expectations and feedback our results, thereby, enhancing customer influence and highlighting trends that may affect the position in the market. We customise our format, basing it on your specific requirements, and work with you to create acceptable questions, ensuring that results are informative and objective. We interpret the data and collate the results into a comprehensive, statistical report, and include verbatim responses, which can act as an invaluable tool when planning future events.

No one is as familiar with your organisation as the people who work there every day! Conducting staff focus groups can highlight issues and ideas that employees have which can benefit the business and improve the working environment. Staff are the first point of contact for the customers, and ensuring high morale is crucial to the success of the business, because excellent customer service is key. The knowledge that the employees are a valuable and important asset within the team enhances the working relationship and encourages good staff retention.


Drug abuse amongst young people is on the increase and the safety of the party goers is of paramount importance. It is the legal responsibility of licensees, managers and club promoters to be vigilant to the possibilities of drug use during an event. To reduce the possibility of drug related casualties can help you with implementing effective solutions and developing a zero tolerance drugs policy. We can also provide assistance with the formation of specific policies and procedures. We have many years experience within the Nightlife industry and can provide specific training to ensure that all staff are adequately trained to recognise the signs of drug use so that prompt action can be taken.

No matter how vigilant the security measures are some party goers will still take drugs or take drugs before arriving at the venue, so it is vital to ensure that guests know the risks associated with drug use. can help you with ensuring that accurate and appropriate drug advice is available at your events and also incorporated into advertising materials. We also highlight the dangers of drug rape and drink spiking and encourage party goers to minimise the risks and keeping safe whilst enjoying a fun filled night out.