Why use Whatsonurban.com?


Whatsonurban.com is your one stop shop when it comes to planning and promoting events. The night life industry is constantly developing and evolving, but with our vast experience, we guarantee to organise the best party atmosphere that is sure to entertain. We are a high energy team, have a proven track record of success and work in partnership with our clients, to provide a truly comprehensive and personal service. We have the skills and resources to cater to every request and by utilizing our extensive experience and vast database of contacts; we ensure a cost effective, exceptional event.

•    Development of the concept
•    Venue selection
•    Booking/Ticketing requirements
•    Entertainment selection and booking
•    Venue ambience and design
•    Staffing
•    Catering
•    Media and public relations
•    Promotions and contests
•    Security

We initiate, build and maintain excellent working relationships with the local community and local authorities and are dedicated to providing meticulous attention to every detail. We’ll work with you to plan your next event, see it through on budget and on time to your complete satisfaction. Our marketing, technical, design and promotions team can undertake specific research, collating detailed information and formulate an effective strategy based on your requirements. Our comprehensive research, knowledge and expertise in the industry enable us to provide you with informative, accurate reports and suitable solutions to meet your needs. So, if you are serious about promoting an event, contact us to discuss your ideas and let us help make your vision a reality.

Online Tickets

Whatsonurban.com also provides online ticketing solutions, allowing users to buy tickets directly from your published event listing and our ticket sales page. We make it easy for you to hold a successful event of any type and size. Whether you're organising a festival with a 100,000 people or a small gig in your local pub, success of your event depends on the attendance and whatsonurban.com specialises in supporting your drive to create the necessary buzz and sell tickets. When you sell tickets for your event, whatsonurban.com collects a small fee per ticket, so just like you; whatsonurban.com wants your event to be a success. Our service includes many features allowing you to easily publish, promote and immediately sell tickets online.

You just tell us how much to sell the tickets for, we will add a small booking fee and take care of everything else. Whether you use a guest list, e-tickets or printed security tickets, we will provide you with a daily ticket count and email you a complete list of paid customers to finalise your list. You can also download the list at any time using our online tracking system. We accept all major credit cards and have strict security measures in place.

What does it cost?

Selling tickets through whatsonurban.com is incredibly easy and completely free of charge. We do all the work for you! This includes secure booking facilities via our website, producing and despatching tickets for you, and a whole host of promotional activity, designed to maximise the sales for your upcoming event. The booking fee is charged to the customer, we do not charge a handling/postage fee and as there is no registration charge the service remains completely free to use. We just request that you advertise that tickets are available through whatsonurban.com by placing a logo on your flyers.

Is it secure?

Whatsonurban.com maintains the highest level of security for both you and your customers. Access to your event information is protected by an encrypted password/username combination. All of our online transactions use ecommerce software with payment fulfilment and the checkout uses the latest security with card details never stored online. Full specifications of our installation are available by calling us. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection and storage of customer information and would remind you of the importance of protecting against unauthorised access to your password. Be sure to log out whenever you finish using a shared computer.

Getting Paid

Whatsonurban.com releases ticket sales payments via electronic funds transfer within 7 days of your event.

Ticketing Solutions

Whether you are running a large event, have multiple entrances or just looking for a full service solution whatsonurban.com can customise a solution designed specifically for you. We can provide you with the best possible solution for your requirements, tailoring our service to meet your needs both offline as well as online. Our solutions are designed to let you reduce time and overheads allowing you to focus on the event itself and not the ticketing. Contact us to discuss your upcoming event.

Website Ticketing Solutions

If you already have a website, talk to whatsonurban.com about developing a fully functional Online Ticket Booking Facility allowing you to manage your tickets, orders and payment from your own website. Using our bespoke software we can easily integrate with all types and format of websites, allowing venues, promoters and organisers the flexibility of increasing sales and improving productivity whilst generating more visitors to their websites.

Lets get started

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